Heinz is to launch a new format to its flagship baked bean brand with the arrival of a four-pack “yoghurt pot” version of the product.

Snap Pots will allow the consumer to pop portions of beans into the microwave. The packaging will also be used for spaghetti hoops.

“With family members working longer hours and pursuing individual interests both night and day, 18% of households now consisting of single occupants – increasing by 30% in the past three decades and nearly half of all meals in the UK eaten alone, consumers are looking for more convenient lighter meal alternatives,” a statement said.

Heinz Snap Pots can be snapped into single 200g portions and heated in the microwave for one minute before being served.

The Snap Pot is the first time Heinz Baked Beanz is available in a non-can format since they were introduced to the UK in 1901.

Nathan Ansell of Heinz said: “We’ve created a format for the famous Beanz and Spaghetti Hoops that fits in with the changing demands of British consumers. Snap Pots are perfect for someone who wants beans as part of a light snack, but doesn¹t want to add to the washing up or take up valuable fridge space storing the remainder of the can.”