Four of the UK’s home-baking brands, Cookeen, Trex, Crisp ‘n Dry and Pura, owned by Edible Oils Limited, have announced their intention to remove hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVOs) from thousands of products this month.

Following intensive testing, HVOs have been removed from various home-baking products while maintaining quality and consistent baking results.

The Cookeen, Trex, Crisp ‘n Dry and Pura products will be among the first home-baking products to remove HVOs, with retailer assurances that own label products will be free from HVOs by next year.
Neil Brownbill, marketing director for Edible Oils, said: “A resurgence in home-baking has stimulated sales in this category, which are now growing at 6% year on year – twice as fast as the total grocery market. But consumers don’t want to spend time and money baking only to be disappointed by the end result. Brands like Cookeen have been trusted by generations. Through intensive product development, our technical teams have been able to develop a recipe that eliminates the need for HVO while still maintaining the quality and reliable results that consumers are used to. 

“As a result, our brands will be ideally placed to capitalise as home-baking continues to grow in popularity,” he concluded.

In addition to removal of HVO, the brands’ packaging has also been refreshed. Rather than paper wraps, the products now come in contemporary foil packaging with a refreshed design. 

Further brand investment is planned for 2007, the company revealed.