The Stilton Cheese Makers Association has teamed up with ice cream maker Churchfield’s Farmhouse to produce a new savoury Stilton ice cream, just in time for Christmas.

Stilton ice cream really is a new and different taste sensation, the association said. The subtle cheese flavours tempered with the luxurious cream create a velvety smoothness against the deep fruit flavours of the pie.  Just as many people love to eat apple pie with a slice of Cheddar cheese, so the rich mincemeat marries perfectly with the savoury Stilton ice cream.

Nigel White of the SCMA says, “When we first made Stilton ice cream we had it in mind as a savoury course, but then we thought we’d try it with a sweet dish. Once we had tasted it we were all amazed.”

“Stilton ice cream and mince pies is the perfect twist this Christmas as people are so used to the same old, traditional dishes that dinner parties over the season tend to be a little boring,” he said.  “This dish allows people to surprise their guests and make their parties the toast of the town.”

“We are constantly looking to add innovative new flavours to our range of ice cream,” said Gillian Kerton, of Churchfield’s Farmhouse. “Stilton is such a versatile cheese we thought it may just work and we’re delighted with the result.”

There are only six dairies licensed to make Blue Stilton in the whole world. They are based in Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.