At the Sustainable Food Industry Summit held in London today (1 November) the food and grocery industry will join with CSR and sustainability experts to explore the challenge that operational sustainability presents to the food industry.

“Achieving operational sustainability is the biggest challenge facing the food industry today,” Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive of the event’s organiser IGD, commented. “Different organisations are tackling this challenge in different ways, and at different paces, but the goal is the same: to reduce, mitigate and reverse the industry’s negative environmental impact.”

The plenary session will be followed by four breakout sessions, focussing on energy and CO2 management, packaging and waste, transport and sustainable buying.
The conference aims to bring leading industry figures together, facilitating the sharing of best-practice between separate organisations and encouraging cooperation on sustainability issues, IGD said.

“Through collaboration, the industry’s contribution as a whole to a sustainable future has the potential to be far greater than the sum of its parts,” Denney-Finch concluded.