A pilot scheme imposing instore television advertising on shoppers is reported to have proved a success at UK retailer Tesco.

Around 60 television screens were installed in three of Tesco’s largest stores, advertising various brands in between brief information slots. These showed shoppers, for example, ‘how to make the perfect Pimms’ or how to interpret food labels.

Initial results indicate that instore televisions can boost sales of advertised brands by 10% or more, the Financial Times reported. This is a considerable improvement on the sales increase retailers and manufacturers might anticipate form conventional television campaigns.

It is thought that such instore TV campaigns will be more effective with consumers than tradition instore marketing such as tastings, which can make shoppers feel intimidated or embarrassed.

Outdoor advertising company JC Decaux collaborated with Tesco on the project, which will now be rolled out to 100 stores by the end of next month and up to 300 by the end of the year.