A national refurbishment programme of 200 Kwik Save stores has paid off with average sales increasing by 10 per cent since the project began eight months ago.

Kwik Save chiefs delivered their promise this week when the 200th store was unveiled in Preston following its retail make-over.

Store managers have been enthusiastic about the £16 million investment project with both customers and store staff confident that Kwik Save – far from being left on the shelf – has fought back with vigour.

Kwik Save’s concept and project executive, Peter O’Toole, explained: “The investment has been a real morale boost. The overall look of the stores means both old and new customers are coming through the doors to shop in the new environment.

“Being able to offer a single point of payment, as opposed to customers paying for their fresh produce and meat at separate counters, has made a big difference too.

As a result our retail partners are getting the best out of the store and have reported on average a 50 per cent uplift in sales.

“Retail partners such as the Balti Hut have gone into some of our stores in the Birmingham region and many more small businesses are now asking whether additional units are available.”

Peter added: “This whole project underlines the importance of Kwik Save to the company and considering that only a year ago Kwik Save was up for sale, we have achieved a lot in such a short space of time.”

The 200th refurbished store to relaunch was in Preston, Deepdale Pavillions, on Wednesday, April 18.

A carnival atmosphere, complete with a four-piece jazz band and players from Preston North End Football club arrived at the store with their mascot the Deepdale duck, together with morris dancers and the Mayor of Preston, who were taken on a tour of the new-look supermarket.