Cereal producer Jordans has launched a joint promotion with The Wildlife Trusts, which will see six million packs of Country Crisp, Frusli bars, and other Jordans products feature the special membership offer for the charity.

New members joining through the on-pack promotion receive a free vacuum flask, the idea being that then they can keep drinks warm on visits to The Wildlife Trusts’ nature reserves.

Bill Jordan, of Jordans cereals, insisted that the company is “passionate about wildlife”, saying that all of Jordans cereals are “Conservation Grade”, that it, produced using a combination of modern and traditional farming methods in a system which bans the use of harmful chemicals and ensures that the farmer cares for wildlife environments.

Jordan said: “The point about Conservation Grade is that farming must give back to the land as well as taking out.”

The Wildlife Trusts, which protect the UK’s wildlife, such as the dormouse, red squirrel and otter, hopes that the campaign will help it increase its members from 382,000 to 500,000 by 2005.