UK natural and organic food firm Kallo Foods is to launch its first TV advertising campaign as it extends its product portfolio with a range of snacks.

Four corn and rice snack lines will go on sale in the UK from September and the launch will coincide with a TV push for the brand.

Kallo CEO Patrick Cairns said it was time for the brand “to come out of the shadows”.

“Going back 20 years, Kallo was one of the pioneers of the natural food segment but at the same time it is quite a low-profile brand. People tend to have it in the back of their cupboard but not really be that aware of it. We feel now its moment has come,” CEO Patrick Cairns told just-food. “The consumer is moving towards natural, unadulterated, simple but good quality food. We’re looking at the TV ad as a launch pad, 20 years on.”

Cairns said the snack lines follow on from recent work to repackage the Kallo portfolio to have a “single livery”, reformulate its stock cubes and launch chocolate rice cakes.

The corn and rice snacks, which will be sold in flavours including caramel and sweet chilli, contain less than 100 calories and 1% fat. Some snacks marketed as healthier products have failed to take off in the UK; last year PepsiCo admitted its Walkers baked snacks had missed internal targets.

Cairns said Kallo would emphasise the taste and quality of the new products, as it does for all its SKUs. “Taste is absolutely critical for us and, more broadly, the pleasure of the brand, making it less hair-shirted and a denial brand into a pleasure brand,” he said.