Kellogg is gearing up to expand its line of Special K snacks in the UK with the addition of a mint chocolate bar.

The company has said that the low-fat Special K Bliss Mint Chocolate bar will stand out in a category dominated by fruit and nut flavours.  
Kellogg has earmarked GBP6.6m (US$13.1m) to be spent on advertising Special K cereal bars during 2008. Some GBP2m will be spent during the autumn to support the new launch, a spokesperson for the company told just-food.

The company added that it expects Special K Bliss Mint Chocolate bars to initially generate GBP2m in retail sales.
Kellogg hopes that the product development will allow the company to tap into biscuit consumers looking for a healthier, yet still indulgent, option.

“The launch of the new Special K Bliss Mint Chocolate offers a real opportunity for us to tap into a whole new consumer bracket,” Jean-Yves Heude, Kellogg’s, general manager, sales and snacks, said.
“Mint chocolate is a proven favourite in the biscuit category and now Kellogg’s are offering a healthier alternative to consumers who may be watching their shape but still want to snack on a mint chocolate treat.”