Rejecting the current trend for fashionable deli-style fayre, it would seem that traditional grub is the way forward for children’s lunch boxes.

Pupils this year, in the second annual poll of 100 children aged 7 to 11, voted the humble jam sandwich back up the league as their favourite lunchtime munch – which comes as a stark contrast to last year’s results when it was amongst their least popular fillings.

The survey, carried out by organic healthfood manufacturer Meridian Foods, found that egg mayonnaise and ham and cheese sandwiches remained popular, but saw prawn baps and deli snacks simply no longer packing a punch in the playground.

Peter Otto from Meridian Foods commented: “Our annual survey proves that children’s eating habits do change – last year the results indicated the jam sandwich was on its way out, but this year it has clearly come back a storm.

“This has to be good news for parents as they are so quick and easy to make and can be healthy too with the wide range of no added sugar, or natural fruit spreads available today.”

“Parents are increasingly keen to improve the health of their children, and the results of this survey suggest they can do so simply – and without spending a fortune on trendy deli sandwich fillers!

“Even other old fashioned favourites, such as egg and prawn mayonnaise, can be made healthier by opting for lower fat organic mayonnaise, for example. “

2001 Survey results:

Kids’ Top Ten Sandwich Fillings

1. Jam/fruit spreads

2. Ham and Cheese

3. Egg mayonnaise

4. Coronation chicken

5. Peanut Butter

6. Fish

7. BLT

8. Pate

9. Deli Wraps – all varieties

10. Prawn Mayonnaise

2000 Survey Results:

Kids’ Top Ten Sandwich Fillings

1. Ham and Cheese

2. Egg mayonnaise

3. Peanut Butter

4. Pate

5. BLT

6. Deli-wraps

7. Coronation chicken

8. Prawn Mayonnaise

9. Fish

10. Jam