Kraft Foods is launching Cadbury Crispello in the UK in order to woo women who have cut down on chocolate bars.

The company will support Cadbury Crispello, the UK subsidiary’s first countline since the 1990s, with a GBP7m (US$11.3m) marketing campaign.

Crispello is made up of three wafer shells with a creamy centre and covered in layer of Cadbury’s chocolate.

The firm is targeting women, who are believed to be the main cause of a 6.6% year-on-year drop in the value of the chocolate ‘singles’ market. That market is worth GBP800m, within a GBP3.3bn chocolate category.

“Crispello is a lighter way to enjoy the nation’s favourite chocolate taste,” said Toby Smart, brand manager at Kraft Foods. The design enables consumers to eat one piece and save the rest for later, by resealing the packaging. The product will be available from 8 October.

Earlier this year, Kraft rival Mars Inc launched Galaxy Flutes in the UK, pitched as a lighter on-the-go chocolate snack. However, Mars could not be reached to comment on the performance of these bars.