The Kwik Save chain that was purchased from Somerfield by Back to the Future (BTTF), a consortium led by Richard Kirk, will remove non-food and own brand products from its shelves.

“I am a great believer in focus,” managing director Paul Niklas told just-food. “Non-food seems to take up considerable store space and sales are low. Our focus will be on food, cosmetics and beauty products.”

Moreover, Niklas revealed, the chain will also cease the production of own-brand food products to focus on the sale of branded products.

“We will be very good at delivering groceries to the market. In some respects, that means taking away choice. I went into a shop this morning,” he continued, “and there were six types of tomato ketchup – who wants that? If your prices are competitive enough, people will buy branded products because that is what they really want.”

The new owner of Kwik Save has suggested that it will emphasise the local nature of convenience shopping. “Initially we will continue as we are, until we understand what local needs are,” Niklas confirmed. “We will adapt the products stocked to suit local tastes and culture.”

While the supermarket chain will provide groceries from branded manufacturers, Niklas envisions developing links with local producers to supply stores with fresh produce including meat, fruit and vegetables.