Fortified beverage manufacturers enjoying annual market growth of up to 15%(i) could be improving the appeal of their products by adding one simple ingredient, according to ADM. Using xanthan gum in nutraceutical drinks – from teas and juices to smoothies and yoghurts – improves texture, mouthfeel and visual appearance.

Apart from the benefits common to most thickeners, xanthan offers a particular advantage to this niche market. Particulates such as fruit pulp, herbs and other insoluble ingredients are suspended throughout the drink, eliminating the problems of sedimentation and floatation whilst ensuring a consistent mouthfeel during consumption.

Hundreds of functional beverages have been launched worldwide in the last twelve months, but only a minority contain a thickener. “Manufacturers stand to gain so much by using this highly functional ingredient,” commented Rob Winwood, ADM Food Additives’ Technical Director. “Xanthan gum stabilises emulsions, modifies texture, and makes the product look more appealing. As the market becomes more saturated, qualitative product improvement will be just as much a necessity as the selection of the vitamins, minerals and other healthy ingredients.”

ADM manufactures a range of xanthan grades for the beverage industry, including transparent for juices and isotonic drinks, and the fine 200-mesh for rapid hydration in dry mix applications.

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(i) Frost & Sullivan March 2001