The Ministry of Agriculture today announced limited exemptions to the seven-day total prohibition of livestock movements imposed to ensure the containment and eradication of foot and mouth disease.

From 6pm on Saturday, February 24, any animal which has:

– died on the premises on which it was kept; or

– been slaughtered for animal welfare reasons;

may be moved from the premises on which it is to a rendering plant, knacker’s yard or a hunt kennel. Such movements are subject to stringent conditions to minimise any risk of disease spread.

The Ministry also issued a licence on Friday 23 February permitting animals caught at markets, fairs or collection centres at 5 pm that day, when the controlled area in England & Wales came into force, to return to the premises of the owner or purchaser, or move direct to slaughter.

Notes for Editors

1. Copies of the general licences under the Foot and Mouth Disease Declaratory (Controlled Area) Order 2001 under which these movements will be allowed are being placed on the MAFF Website.

2. News Release 66/01 of 23 February announced the ban on livestock movements, which will run until midnight on Friday 2 March.