Upmarket UK retailer Waitrose has recalled salmon products from its stores nationwide after a listeria contamination.

The company, which runs 185 stores throughout the UK, said today (22 August) it has launched a “thorough investigation” after listeria was found in smoked salmon parcels and poached salmon terrines.

Waitrose said the recall affected smoked salmon parcels with date codes up to and including 28 August. The terrines affected were also labelled with codes of the same date.

A Waitrose spokesperson said: “Waitrose has the highest standards of customer safety and we took action as soon as we were told about these test results.”

The recall is the latest food scare to affect a UK retailer. Last week, Morrisons withdrew cold meats from at two of its stores in Scotland after an E-coli outbreak killed on person. No confirmed link has yet been found between the Morrisons stores and the outbreak.