Loch Fyne Restaurants has recently announced the imminent opening of a new restaurant in Winchester, Hampshire, on 27 November, the first of 15 such ventures planned before 2002. Founded in 1998, the company controls six restaurants throughout the UK, and the current drive for expansion was encouraged by funding raised via a share offer at the beginning of this year.

Over the last twenty years, the Loch Fyne brand has raised its profile both within the UK and abroad. Sister company Loch Fyne Oysters provides premium oysters and shellfish from an ecologically sound, sustainable farm on the west coast of Scotland. It also traditionally smokes salmon harvested by The Sustainable Salmon Company at Loch Duart on the northwest coast.

The seafood fare is already on the menu at over 350 restaurants and hotels in the UK, including the Conran restaurant in London, and fresh seafood can be purchased at Loch Fyne Restaurants to prepare at home. .

The UK population devours only 30m oysters each year, pitifully few when viewed in comparison which the French annual consumption of 1800m, but Loch Fyne chairman John Noble expressed his pleasure to witness the continued expansion of his sustainable enterprise from “an experiment, which many doubted, and in our heart of hearts we doubted ourselves, [to] the development of a significantly large oyster farm and popular seafood bar restaurants which are affordable.”