LycoRed has launched a line of advanced oily blends featuring proprietary fatty acid premixes designed for infant formulae. These products will be manufactured at LycoRed’s new specialised lipid formulation facility in the UK. 

“Infant formula is an important market for us,” commented Peter Gallagher, LycoRed MD. “Our goal is to penetrate this market with hot, new lipids that will allow manufacturers to create healthy and cutting-edge products. Investment in our premix facilities is the cornerstone of our strategy.”

Beyond infant formulas, the facility will manufacture mixtures of plant, algae and marine lipids with other active ingredients for use in the wider food industry. 

“Lycored is providing formulation expertise specifically focused on high-value functional lipids,” explained Gallagher. “We can tailor-make formulations and provide solutions for customers who have difficulty in either handling highly sensitive lipids or need a specific premix manufactured in a highly controlled environment where cost, stability and quality are of prime importance.”