The Ministry are in the process of tracing all sheep movements from Longtown Market, Carlisle, Cumbria held on 15 & 22 February. Most of these movements are being traced through the market records, however, we believe that there are a substantial number of sales which took place “out of the ring” by private transaction and these movements may not have been recorded.

If farmers believe that they have received sheep which have originated from Longtown Market held on either 15 or 22 February, and have not yet been contacted by Officers of the State Veterinary Service, then they should immediately inform their local Animal Health Office and give the following details:-

  • of the number of sheep received;
  • details of who they were purchased from; and
  • which date they passed through Longtown Market (either 15 or 22 February).

Farmers should immediately inspect all livestock for signs of foot and mouth disease and report any suspicion of disease immediately to their local Animal Health Office.

Animal Health Offices on receiving the notification will report the facts to the Carlisle Disease Centre and will arrange for a time limited (21 day) Form D notice to be served on the premises which has received these sheep. The Form D notice will expire 21 days after the date of contact in Longtown Market confirmed with the owner.

A veterinary inspection of all animals on the premises should be carried out as soon as possible. published a feature on foot and mouth. To read it, click here.