Confectionery giant Mars has been forced to destroy millions of Twix (Raider in Europe) chocolate bars after beetles were discovered in the flour supply of its Slough factory.

Suspicion was first aroused after black specks were discovered during routine quality inspection of the Twix bars as they came off the production line. Technicians first discovered bacteria in a silo supplying flour for the production of the bars. When microbiology experts were then called in, they found beetles in the flour.

The factory will now be thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of the bug and up to eight million Twix bars will be destroyed, about three days’ worth of production.

Gordon Storey, a company spokesman, commented that the incident was “very, very rare.” He also reassured the public that “none of the product involved is out there.”

It is unsure when the production of Twix, the fifth biggest selling chocolate bar in the UK, will resume. The company will implement a four-day holding period to ensure that any potentially contaminated products will not leave the plant.  Storey stressed: “Only when we are absolutely satisfied that everything is OK will the line start again, until then production is on hold. We never despatch anything if there is the slightest risk.”