Mars Inc is set to launch a limited-edition extension to its Mars bar range in the UK.

The Mars Triple Choc bar, which contains chocolate nougat and chocolate caramel, is a “more chocolatey twist on the Mars bar taste”, the company said.

A spokesperson for Mars said the bar would not be a permanent addition to the company’s range of products.

Nevertheless, Mars said it hopes the Triple Choc bar will build on the growth of the bars category in the UK, which, the company said, has seen sales climb 13% over the last three years.

Trade communications manager Bep Dhaliwal added: “Innovation is key in the market, but it can only take place on top of a successful and established brand portfolio. As the UK’s number one bar, the iconic Mars Bar is perfectly suited to innovation like this and this new delicious chocolatey variant is sure to be a big hit with consumers.”