Mattessons is pegging for the high-end cooked meats market, with the relaunch of its chilled sliced cooked meats after a total product overhaul. The product range has been reformulated providing affordable high-quality sliced meats in newly designed packaging.

Two new ranges will be introduced: the Parchment range, which is designed to ensure maximum freshness, and the Premium range, which will offer carved meat cooked on the bone. The company claims that there is no added water, artificial colours or flavourings in either range.

The Parchment and Premium ranges have been redesigned to highlight the quality of the products. On-pack descriptions will emphasise the quality of the meat and the production process.

The packaging will carry the caption: “Mmm is for Meat, our favourite subject! We only ever add extra ingredients to ensure our meat reaches you in top condition… we don’t like putting anything extra in our food, so when we do there’s a good reason”.

Matterssons hope that photography and pack design will further unify the brands, with various colours distinguishing between different meats. 

The redesigned Premium and Parchment ranges went on-shelf in Asda from 17 April and will be rolled out to other retailers during May and June.

Sarah Power, senior brand manager, said:  “2006 is a major year for Mattessons with the sliced cooked meats revamp bringing a new personality to the chilled category. We have personalised the packaging, writing the back of packs as a team. This brings a differentiated offering to the market and engages with the consumer on a one to one basis.”

With Mattessons first television adverts for 20-years being aired in the UK and a marketing spend of GBP7m (US$12.43m), the company clearly hopes that it will be able to tap into the GBP1.2bn sliced and cooked meats category.  

The Mattessons brand is currently worth GBP45m.