US fastfood giant McDonald’s new line of salads, which were launched as part of its attempt to create a healthier company image, may contain more fat than its burgers, according to the company’s website.

The company introduced a variety of menu changes, including offering salads, in an attempt to counter falling sales and in response to accusations that its food contributed to rising obesity levels.

However, according to the company’s online nutrition information, McDonald’s UK salads may actually contain more fat than its hamburgers, reported Reuters.

For example, the company’s Caesar Salad with Chicken Premiere contains 18.4g of fat, compared with 11.5g of fat in a cheeseburger and 7.7g of fat in a standard hamburger. The company’s Bacon Ranch Salad with Classic Chicken contains 20.0g of fat.

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) told Reuters it welcomed the salad menu but warned that salad dressings bought in fastfood outlets could be very high in fat and calories.