Mexican gum cooperative Consorcio Chiclero is preparing to launch a biodegradable gum onto the UK market.

Chicza Rainforest gum, which will be available in Waitrose in lime, mint and spearmint flavours, is made from the rainforest’s chicozapote tree.

“The gum base is made by boiling and dehydrating sap that has been extracted by cutting the bark of the tree,” a spokesperson for the cooperative told just-food. “This makes a sticky gum that is then processed.”

According to the spokesperson, unlike conventional gums – which are predominantly made from petrol-based polymers – Consorcio Chiclero’s gum product is fully biodegradable.

“It this natural process which makes the gum different and means it breaks down in a short period of time,” the spokesperson said.

The Forest Stewardship Council certifies the gum.