Current appointments for all Milk Development Council Members end on 6 February 2001 and an appointment exercise is under way to ensure the new Council is in place by 7 February 2001.

The MDC funds expenditure on research and development, livestock improvement, human nutritional guidance, the preparation of industry statistics, the provision of market information and the co-ordination of an industry response to health, hygiene and emergency issues. From 1 April 2000 the MDC has been contributing to a generic milk promotion campaign alongside the milk processors.

The Council consists of a Chairman and ten members: six represent the interests of milk producers; two represent the interests of those employed in the industry; one has specialist knowledge of the marketing or distribution of dairy products; and two, including the chairman, are independent, with no direct involvement in the dairy industry. Up to seven new members will be required from 2001.

Appointments will be for a period of three years (subject to a review of the Council in 2002) with the possibility of re-appointment for a second term. These vacancies will be advertised in the national and trade press. A letter seeking nominations from representative industry organisations has also been sent out today.

An information pack and application forms can be obtained from by contacting Mr Jay Jani, MPEP-A, MAFF, Room 501, Whitehall Place, East Block, London SW1A 2HH (telephone 020 7270 8252, fax 020 7270 8116, e-mail Or apply on line at: