Dairy co-operative Milk Link has announced that it plans to launch its range of Moo dairy products to the export market at Anuga, in Cologne in October.

It will be “the first UK farmer owned integrated dairy business to launch a whole range of dairy products under its own brand into Europe,” it said.

Milk Link, one the UK’s leading integrated dairy businesses, has a proven track record in the European dairy sector with success in Spain and its islands, and Malta – where it currently has a 25% – supplying the British ex-pat and tourist market with its range of long life milks and associated dairy products including custard and butter.

It now plans to expand its share of this sector with the launch of Moo to its overseas customers to help consumers purchase dairy products abroad with confidence and ease.

“Provenance is important in our export markets and Moo is a great range of home grown quality dairy products that consumers can trust when they are abroad,” said   Simon Mercer, export sales manager of Milk Link. “The Moo brand presents an exciting opportunity to further increase market share and leverage Milk Link’s impact in these dynamic and growing export markets.”

Following the success of Moo milk – launched in January 2004 – and Moo Cream – launched in June this year – new mini Moo flavoured milks and Moo Organic milk have also recently been added to the expanding range.

New mini Moo is aimed at busy parents who are committed to healthy eating for the whole family. The striking cartons are ideal for kid’s lunchboxes and adults on the go and are available in three flavours, including strawberry ripple, toffee banoffee and banana split flavours, as well as plain semi-skimmed milk. Moo Organic has been launched in response to substantial growth in the organic milk sector.

“Milk Link aims to maximise the returns from its processing assets and strong customer relationships by developing and marketing innovative brands that consumers want to buy both in the UK and abroad – hence our presence at Anuga this year,” said Adrian Else, trading director of Milk Link. “We believe that by continuing to add value to our farmer members’ milk we will provide a basis for the long term financial security of our members – our primary objective.”