UK-based Shaken Udder, the milkshake brand, is to muscle into the yogurt pouch market with the launch of YogOaty, a high-protein range of pouches for children.

With no added sugar, the manufacturer describes YogOaty, which contains yogurt, fruit and oats, as being the “perfect wholesome breakfast, on-the-go snack or lunchbox addition for kids of all ages.”

YogOaty yogurt pouches comes in three flavours: Mega Mango & Peach, Smashing Strawberry & Banana and Awesome Apricot & Vanilla. YogOaty is available in single serve 70g pouches with an RRP of between GBP0.85 (US$1.10) and GBP1.20. Shaken Udder has secured a listing at Tesco for the new product.

“These pouches are high in protein, wholesome, delicious and fit perfectly with our brand’s core values to promote delicious British dairy,” said Jodie Farran, who co-founded Shaken Udder with her husband Andrew. “We’ve invested heavily in creating a product that’s not only totally natural and nutritious, but that doesn’t compromise on delivering superior taste. “YogOaty will appeal to those parents looking for tasty and nourishing healthy alternatives for their kids.”

A spokesperson for the company said the products “have no added sugar, only fruit sugar, which is really in response to consumers looking for healthier products.”

The spokesperson said Shaken Udder does not publish financial results. “It’s still quite a small business. They operate from a very small base at present. They launched in 2007 and the retail line launched in 2009.

She added: “They do want to export eventually but at the moment it is just UK-based.”