Morrisons has emphasised it is not responsible for setting the price farmers receive for liquid milk after protesting farmers again targeted the UK retailer overnight.

Farmers for Action launched the protest to draw attention to milk prices that, it claims, are too low to meet the cost of production. Around 100 farmers blockaded a Morrisons depot last night.

Responding to the farmers’ complaint, a spokesperson for the retailer said: “We buy the milk sold in our stores directly from a processor, who set the price received by the farmer for each litre they produce.”

The spokesperson added Morrisons has increased the price that it pays for milk.

“The increases we have made in the amount we pay to processors since last summer have resulted in a rise of more than 4p per litre for farmers, bringing milk prices to their highest level in recent years.”

However, Farmers for Action has said recent price increases have failed to keep pace with growing on-farm costs. 

This fresh protest brings UK milk prices back into the spotlight following last summer’s round of protest action, which ended in the inking of a deal on a code of conduct between dairy processors and producers.