German dairy giant Müller has revealed plans to move into the flavoured milk channel in the UK with the launch of three Muller Milk products.

The company said the range, which will be packaged in resealable 400ml bottles, will come in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours.

This is the first time Muller has had a presence in the chilled flavoured milk category in the UK, “despite Müllermilch being the brand leader in the equivalent ‘milk-mix’ category in Germany where it accounts for just over half of category sales,” the company said.

Müller said the move was part of plans to extend into another section of the dairy cabinet and is aligned with its strategy of tapping into the snacking market. It plans to capture snacking and impulse sales in the convenience and forecourt trading channels and from mums buying for children at grocery retailers.

“Consumers associate Müller with great taste and variety, and it’s a brand which they trust. For all of these reasons we believe the arrival of Müller in the chilled flavoured milk fixture will bring incremental growth by attracting new consumers to this developing category,” marketing director Lee Rolston said.

“In consumer research Müller Milk certainly got the thumbs up from the two key groups who purchase flavoured milk: young men who purchase on impulse for snacking and consumption on the hoof; and mums purchasing for children as an alternative to other soft drinks.”

The company said the UK launch also follows the range’s recent roll-out across Eastern Europe.