Confectionary giant Nestlé is dropping its Rowntree Mackintosh division name 20 years after it’s adoption.

The Nestlé Rowntree division will now come under Nestlé Confectionary UK, but brands such as Fruit Pastilles and Fruit Gums will hold on to the Rowntree name.

A spokesperson for Nestlé told just-food: “The decision was made to bring the UK in line with the rest of the confectionary around the world. There will be no change to what consumers recognise as the Nestlé brand.”

At the confectioner’s recent Annual General Meeting, managing director Paul Grimwood said Nestlé Rowntree had now completed two years of a successful three-year “fit for the future” business improvement programme.

He said that while the company was proud of its association with the Rowntree heritage, the company’s division name should better reflect what the company does.