Nestle has set out the confectionery products it sets to launch for Christmas in the UK – including another Quality Street chocolate in bar format.

Two years ago, Nestle launched My Purple Bar, which combined four Quality Street The Purple Ones, which the company said had attracted a “younger audience” to the Quality Street brand. This Christmas, the food giant is rolling out a 36g My Green Bar.

Nestle is rolling out a range of Quality Street gift products, including products in giant packaging like Quality Street Purely Purple Ones, which contains dozens of the sweets and is priced at GBP6.

Other gift products include the Smarties Supertube, which contains eight tubes of Smarties, and the Yorkie Spirit Level, which includes six Yorkie bars.

Citing Kantar data, Nestle said Christmas confectionery sales in the UK were up 14.7% over the last five years, with households buying more packs, more often.