The UK unit of Swiss food giant Nestlé has said it is to launch a low-carbohydrate version of its Kit Kat chocolate bar and Rolo chocolate-covered toffees.

Nestlé Rowntree claimed this is the first time a UK confectionery firm has developed a low-carbohydrate version of a mainstream brand, reported the Financial Times.

The company used sugar substitutes to cut the carbohydrate content of a two-fingered Kit Kat from 13g to 5.9g. The carbohydrate content of the low-carb version of Rolos will be 5.9g per pack, compared to 39.6g in the traditional version, according to the FT.

The introduction of low-carb versions of branded food products is widespread in the US, where low-carb dieting is extremely popular, but the practice is not as common in the UK so far.