The Ryvita Company is launching a £1.5m (US$2.19m) UK TV advertising campaign next week to support its position in the healthy snack food market. 

The ‘Objects’ ads, which air from 6 June, will run for a total of nine weeks targeting a predominantly female audience through terrestial television and a number of satellite channels.

The strategy has been developed by independent planning specialists The C-G Consultancy Group, with creative by Ryvita’s newly appointed ad agency Walsh Trott Chick Smith.  Optimedia has handled all TV planning and buying.

The creative will build on Ryvita’s reputation as a healthy brand. The 30- and 10-second ads comprise a variety of vignettes, each showing an image that appears to be one thing but is in fact another. The company insists that “as the Ryvita logo appears on screen, viewers are left with the lasting impression that Ryvita is the only thing that genuinely is what it appears to be – healthy”.

Ryvita marketing manager Carol Ware said: “The C-G Consultancy Group identified an opportunity for us to build on Ryvita’s heritage of trustworthiness.

“This commercial signals a change in direction for Ryvita and with its fresh approach we believe the ads will be impactful, contemporary and appeal to a broad target audience.”