Tighter rules on environmental claims and a social responsibility clause are set to be included in a new advertising code drawn up in the UK.

Under the proposals for a new code, drawn up by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and its broadcast equivalent (BCAP), adverts on television and radio would be subject to a new social responsibility rule.

Specific details remain unclear, but the bodies said that the clause would be an “overarching rule” than “can act against irresponsible ad techniques or trends that might not have been conceived yet”.

Also proposed today (26 March) is a new clause to clampdown on spurious environmental claims on products, CAP and BCAP said.

Both CAP and BCAP have spent the last 18 months reviewing advertising rules in the UK. Their proposals for a new code are subject to a 12-week public consultation.

Advertising rules on nutrition and health claims are also to be updated to reflect the new European Nutrition and Health Claims regulation, which contains strict instruction on claims that can be made on food and drink products.