Transport management systems company Secureseal has developed a wireless temperature monitoring system for refrigerated trailers in transport yards and critical points within the site. 

The ID’s and temperatures of trailers parked up or being chilled for loading are transmitted to the transport office using specially-developed low power radio frequency technology, it said.  This wireless transmission eliminates the need for walk-arounds to check temperature status of each trailer.

The system is an enhancement to SecureTemp, an in-cab trailer alert system that provides wireless connection to RFID temperature sensors in chilled compartments. SecureTemp helps chilled fleet operators fulfil their due diligence obligations as well as reducing the cost of spoiled loads and lost orders.

The radio frequency transmitters with a range of up to 200 metres offer a five-year battery life.  Linked to PCs in the transport office or warehouse, the system provides data automatically giving staff an instant check on which trailers are in the yard, which are being chilled and at what temperature. The system also monitors during loading and on departure to ensure compliance and load protection at anytime the trailer is on site.

When on the road, SecureTemp alerts the driver if the refrigerated unit on a trailer fails, allowing remedial action to be taken before a load is spoilt. The unique ‘Search and Mate’ system has a long-life battery powered RFID temperature transmitter fitted inside the trailer and an in-cab receiver with an audible and visual LED display.