Young’s Bluecrest Foodservice has expanded its popular ‘Chip Shop’ range of battered fish fillets for caterers, with new haddock and white fish options and 100g portion size, designed to meet the needs of the many caterers who prefer smaller fillets.

Whilst small portion sizes remain popular, new environmental constraints on fishing have made small whole fillets unacceptable, since they require the use of younger fish.  Ed Davidson, director of foodservice at Young’s Bluecrest, says, “It is important for caterers to appreciate that conservation measures mean, quite rightly, that juvenile fish are not
landed.  Since smaller sizes cut from large fillets don’t produce the required consistency of presentation or cook time, we are introducing smaller shaped fillets as a top quality alternative.”

The new Chip Shop products are made from 100% whole fish fillet, coated in Young’s Bubbly Chip Shop batter.  They are skinless and boneless, and available in cod, haddock or whitefish, naturally shaped in a range of four sizes ranging from 100g to 225g.  Being shaped, the products offer consistent plate coverage and can be cooked by deep fry, oven bake or grill.

Ed Davidson says, “As a responsible producer and member of the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), Young’s Bluecrest is always seeking ways to help improve the sustainability of seafood for the long term. Products such as this are an important way of highlighting important environmental issues in the trade, as well as helping caterers to respond to the increasing consumer demand for ethical food.”