A new school has been established at the UK’s largest inland fish market. The Billingsgate Seafood Training School is a charitable company, developed with the aim of promoting a general awareness of fish and reiterating the importance of its market surrounds, which have played a prominent part in the nation’s fish industry for centuries.

The company explained that people are becoming increasingly unsure of how to handle fish, its health benefits and even how to undertake a career in the fish industry. Because home economics has little importance now as a subject on the national curriculum at schools, and the number of local fishmongers is dwindling, organisers at the school believe it is an essential venture to boost the popularity and understanding of fish.

The school explained that courses will be made available to schoolchildren for free, funded by other commercial activities.

For more information, contact Director Terry Smith, Billingsgate Seafood Training School, telephone 0207 517 3549.