The first fully bilingual Welsh dairy brand, Cadog, can now be bought in most major Welsh supermarkets.

Cadog dairy products are currently stocked by Sainsbury’s, Asda, Safeway, Makro and Morrisons, and the range will be stocked in Tesco stores from mid June. Local retailers throughout Wales are also offering customers a choice of Cadog products.

The Cadog range, which has a Celtic logo and image, includes butter, butter portions, canned products – creamy custard, luxury rice and evaporated milk (all formerly branded as Llangadog), as well as medium, mature and vintage cheese, and fresh milk.

The Cadog brand takes its name from the legendary sixth century St Cadog and is Wales’s first fully bilingual dairy brand. The Cadog products are made at three creameries in Wales run by UK-based dairy ACC Milk.