The NFU has cancelled the March meeting of its Council to reduce the need of farmers to travel as more cases of foot and mouth disease are reported.

Staff at the NFU say they can’t remember the last time such a decision were taken to cancel a meeting of the organisation’s 94-strong governing body.

The meeting was due to take place in London on 14 and 15 March. NFU Council meets four times a year.

NFU President Ben Gill said: “Farmers are doing everything they can to protect their property and animals from invasion by this dreadful disease.

“The last thing we want to do is add to the risks posed by people travelling into and out of the countryside.”

The NFU has written to every representative on Council to inform them of the decision.

A new date for the meeting has still to be set, but Council members have been told that any urgent business may have to be dealt with by post or using fax machines or NFUnet, the NFU’s membership website, if the crisis continues.

Ben Gill added: “The NFU has supported all the measures that have been put in place on the advice of the Chief Veterinary Officer.

“The support farmers have received from the vast majority of organisations and other groups who use the countryside has been heartening.

“But we would also urge anyone living in rural areas and planning to attend large public or sporting events to consider the risk they may be posing to livestock in their community.

“And to the public at large – including the media – we repeat, please please help by staying away from the countryside at this desperate time.”

The NFU last week announced it was cancelling all other NFU meetings both in London and the regions.
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