Global starch and nutrition specialist, National Starch, has extended its unique range of resistant starches with Novelose 260 – an enzyme and process tolerant starch with a total dietary fibre content of 60%.  Novelose 260 gives many of the physiological benefits of dietary fibre and contributes many processing and formulation advantages.  Food manufacturers can now develop a wide range of products with a “high fibre” or “rich in fibre” label to meet consumer demand for healthy processed foods which are also tasty and appealing.

Unlike some traditional sources of fibre and other forms of resistant starch, Novelose 260 is both enzyme and food processing tolerant; therefore the total dietary fibre level is not affected by processing conditions, so both manufacturers and consumers get the fibre they expect. Novelose 260 resistant starch analyses as fibre by the universally accepted AOAC test method for total dietary fibre.

Novelose 260 has a very low water-holding capacity, contributes good texture/mouthfeel and improves cell structure and uniformity, giving excellent expansion therefore increasing volume in a wide range of baked goods, especially white bread.  In contrast to other fibres such as rice, wheat or oat bran, Novelose 260 has a neutral taste and is white in appearance, allowing incorporation into a variety of products without altering their flavour or colour.
“The launch of Novelose 260 marks a huge step in the development of physiologically functional ingredients, offering unparalleled levels of fibre in everyday foods without compromising eating enjoyment,” comments Mike Croghan, Global Business Director, Nutrition, National Starch.  “Manufacturers and consumers can now benefit from fibre fortified foods which both look and taste better.”

Novelose 260 is the latest in National Starch’s Novelose range – the world’s first commercialised concentrated source of resistant starch as an ingredient for processed foods.  National Starch is at the forefront of research and development in carbohydrate nutrition.  Its specialists are available to assist with technical problem-solving, ingredient interaction, formulations, trials, scale-up and labelling and legislative advice.

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