New research has shown that the UK’s ‘on the go’ sandwich market is worth GBP2.8bn (US$5bn).

Over the past year in the UK, 1.69bn sandwiches were bought and consumed outside the home, at an average price of GBP1.66.

This market measurement was compiled by information provider TNS Worldpanel using text messaging research, with panellists texting in the bar codes of their purchases, to measure the snacking market including soft drinks, sandwiches & savouries, confectionery, snacks & nuts, and crisps.
Previous market measures were based on an estimated average price for a sandwich.

TNS Worldpanel strategic insight director Tim Nancholas said: “The out of home snacking market is notoriously difficult to measure accurately, as people tend to buy on impulse and can forget the details of their purchases.

“The innovative text message reporting measure has provided us with a significantly more accurate view of this market and enabled us to show far more precise sandwich sales than previously achieved by the industry.”
“We are monitoring consumer snack spending across a wide range of outlets from grocery, bakeries and garages to vending machines and canteens. Client feedback has positively demonstrated how closely we can now measure Britain’s snacking behaviour.”