New research published yesterday (30 August) has found that one in three British consumers will buy organic products in the coming month.

According to the survey, sponsored by Sainsbury’s and conducted by YouGov research company, one in ten consumers will buy organic fastfood in the next month – demonstrating the widening organic product offering and the expansion of organics into the mainstream. Currently, organic foods span nine food groups and 86% of the UK’s top food shopping items are available in organic alternatives.

Sales of organic snacks have increased, with 14% of shoppers buying organic peanut butter this month, 13% purchasing organic soups and 11% buying organic confectionery.

The survey looked at a cross section of shoppers visiting various different supermarkets and retail outlets, a spokesperson for Sainsbury’s told just-food today.

Although 46% of households with incomes of GBP750 (US$1426) per week or more purchased organic food, the survey found that organics is no longer the domain of the middle class with 31% of lower income households also buying organic.

In response to this growing trend, and with the UK’s Organic Fortnight looming, supermarkets are vying for a bite of the organic pie by increasing their organic product offerings.

Alison Austin, Sainsbury’s Head of policy and sustainability, said: “Britain is approaching a new era in organic consumption with organic food habits now spanning the entire weekly shop.  In the last three years, we’ve seen a mindset change in people’s attitudes towards food.  A greater interest in food sourcing, health awareness, lower prices and a rapidly increasing product rage, have made organics an increasingly popular food choice.”