London, November 16, 2001 (ResearchWire) – The future of Internet grocers does not revolve solely around food. Industry executives believe that online shoppers will increasingly demand a wide selection of personal care, pharmaceutical, gift and non-consumable items in addition to their weekly food and drink.

Survey respondents stated that bundling non-consumable products would be one of the most important aspects of future developments as well as offering additional services outside the established elements of grocery shopping.

Importance of strategies to online grocery outlets, survey results (scale: 1=least important, 5=most important)

Now In five years
Product variety 3.5      3.6
Partnerships with food manufacturers 2.8 3.0
Bundling non-consumables                   3.4 4.5
Additional services                               4.0 4.4

Source: Datamonitor, 2001: “Online Grocery in the US 2001: Profitability at the virtual checkout”

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