Organic food company Venture Foods perfected a smooth, Swiss ‘milk’ chocolate that is organic, ‘fairtrade’ and vegan. 

The Organica Chocolate Couverture bar is the only milk chocolate with all three accolades, the company said.

 Its creaminess and flavour come from rice milk in place of cow’s milk.   This is blended with premium quality, organic and fair trade whole cane sugar, cocoa butter, hazelnuts and vanilla extract.

The melt-in-the-mouth experience with the Organica milk chocolate vegan bar matches that of other top quality milk chocolate bars. 

It follows Venture Foods’ organic, vegan, fairtrade dark chocolate bars that were launched in September.  “We were blown away by the demand from the retail trade for our first two dark, vegan, organic, fairtrade 100g bars,” said Mike Batten, founder and director of Venture Foods.  “We were confident there would be a sizeable market for such products and so it proves: sales have been very healthy,” says Batten.  “To have a dark vegan bar is fairly straightforward,” he admits.  “A really smooth milk chocolate bar is another thing altogether, but we’re quietly confident we’ve got it right.”

The new ‘milk’ chocolate bar is available from the end of November 2005.