Bumper Christmas brings lower prices

Record sales of Organic products over Christmas have already sparked a fall in shelf prices in February promotions, supermarket Tesco announced today.

The number of customers buying Organics has TREBLED in just over 1 year – with Organic sales rocketing by over 70%.

The campaign of ‘Organic Offers’, starting on Monday 29 January, will save British customers over £500,000 in the next few weeks.

These latest figures highlight the dramatic success of the Tesco commitment to the Organic market, relaunched just 4 months ago. Since September virtually every Tesco store in the UK has stocked 100 Organic products alongside conventional products, with some stores offering over 700 lines. Hundreds more lines are planned for 2001.

‘Organic products are more popular than ever before’ said Tesco Director John Gildersleeve. ‘We’ve made a huge effort to understand what customers want in our Organic range – and worked hard to offer the right products at the best price.’

‘We’re working in long term relationships with Organic farmers and producers to expand our range further, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. These latest promotions are to show farmers, producers and customers that we’re backing Organic all the way.’

‘Everyone knows that Organic products cost more to grow and produce than conventional food. But we want to narrow some of the price differences through promotions over the next few weeks to thank customers for supporting the Organic cause, and to help customers who want to try Organic for the first time.’

Tesco announced a £450,000 sponsorship into Organics research at Newcastle Universtity in September. Projects are underway to develop and improve efficiencies for British Organic producers. This is in addition to the initial Tesco Organic research projects at Aberdeen University Organic Research Centre, which have already started delivering information and advice for British Organic producers.