According to research from organic baby food producer Hipp Organic and Bounty, the direct marketing company specialising in family products, one in three toddlers in the UK are most frequently fed ready-made toddler foods at mealtimes.

The survey, which was based on the responses of more than 10,000 parents to a questionnaire on Bounty’s website, indicated that more and more parents are opting for ready-made foods but also showed that parents are picking increasingly healthy foods for their growing babies.

Some 73% of respondents with toddlers aged 10-14 months said their main reason for buying ready-made toddler foods was that family meals are sometimes unsuitable.

“The days of having meat and two veg every night are gone and our fondness for spicy and exotic foods, means that our toddlers can no longer join in at family mealtimes,” said Jane Mayall, nutritionist at Hipp Organic.

The survey also suggested that health and nutritional considerations were becoming an increasingly influential purchase driver for parents, both for ready-made meals and snacks for toddlers.