PepsiCo has introduced its Japanese rice cracker brand Sakata in the UK.

Sakata rice crackers were launched in Australia in 1994 and the brand is worth GBP29m (US$45.7m), the company said.

The product has been launched in Waitrose stores and through online retailer Ocado. A spokesperson said Waitrose shoppers were the “most appropriate target audience” for the product but did not elaborate further. PepsiCo is hoping for wider UK distribution by the end of the year.

The crackers, available in four flavours including Sour Cream & Chive, Cheddar, Classic Barbecue, are gluten-free and contain nine calories per cracker.

The spokesperson said more consumers are becoming interested in gluten-free products as a health or lifestyle choice.

The rice crackers are available in 100g trays with an RRP of GBP1.99.