PepsiCo has unveiled details of a relaunch for its UK crisp brand Walkers, as the company looks to reposition the brand in an increasingly health-conscious market. PepsiCO said the changes will cost Walkers an additional GBP6m per year in production costs alone.

From today, the leading UK crisp brand will contain 70% less saturated fat than in 2005. The company said a packet of Walkers crisps now contains less than one gram of saturated fat, which is less saturated fat than in half a chocolate digestive and just 5% of your guideline daily amount.

Walkers crisps are also now being cooked in Sunseed oil, which is naturally high in mono-unsaturates and even lower in saturates than olive oil. 

The salt content of the crisps has also been reduced, so that a standard bag now contains only half a gram of salt (8% of an adult’s guideline daily amount).

Neil Campbell, General Manager of Walkers, said: “Over the years people’s needs have changed and so have we. Our customers are now looking for snacks that do not just taste great but are also better for them.  We have reduced the saturated fat and salt levels in our crisps to make them healthier without compromising on taste at all. Although this is the biggest single step we have taken (and has taken over a £6 million investment), it isn’t the first and won’t be the last.”

The launch of new Walkers crisps will be supported by a major campaign including a new TV advertisement featuring Gary Lineker which will be on air from the 1st March.