UK food manufacturer Peter’s Food has teamed up with North Downs Dairy’s Pilgrims Choice to introduce pasties into its newly launched premier range.

The pasties will roll out to June and will be available from Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores across England and Wales as well as chip shops, stadiums and service stations, the companies announced today (27 May).

Four varieties of pasty are being launched; The Pilgrims Choice Cheese & Spring Onion, Cornish, Chicken and Pork and Cider.

The concept of a Peter’s and Pilgrims tie-up was muted in the summer of 2008 when Peter’s approached Pilgrims Choice with the idea of a joint product. Following initial conversations, the new line has taken seven months to plan.

James Osgood, marketing director at Peter’s, said: “When we launched the Premier Range of pies last year they were extremely well received. Our aim now has been to create a range of pasties that is both classic and innovative and we are very confident they will be equally popular. Certainly being able to link up with Pilgrim’s Choice, which is one of the UK’s top cheese brands, has given us a depth of flavour unrivalled in our sector.”

The pasties are “deep filled”, feature a “top crimp look”, and has packaging designed for “hand held eating”. Pilgrims said they contain no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, hydrogenated fat or MSG.

The pasties will sell from GBP1.15 (US$1.84) to GBP1.25.