Pizza Express is expanding its line of chilled Italian products for retail, with the introduction of an onion, sage and rosemary infused Focaccia bread.

The group is launching an onion, sage and rosemary infused Focaccia bread. It is also rolling out a smaller pack size for its dough ball line. Pizza Express dough balls will now be available in packs of eight, in addition to the current pack size of 16 dough balls.

The company said it is the largest chilled food brand in the retail pizza category, offering a range of “restaurant quality” products for home consumption.

“We know our customers want a restaurant-quality experience at home and wanted to make it easier for them to have this.  Whether it’s offering smaller packs of our famous Dough Balls or creating a new Focaccia, infused with simple Italian-inspired flavours, that wouldn’t be out of place on our restaurant menu,” Victoria Willis, marketing manager for retail at Pizza Express said.

Listings have been secured in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, the company revealed.