Premier Foods has expanded its range of Hartley’s desserts on sale in the UK with the launch of two pot desserts.

The UK’s largest food group has added Hartley’s Frujies and Hartley’s Fruit in Jelly to the range, the company said today (25 March).

Premier hinted at more new products to come from its desserts stable. “Retailers should expect to see further NPD from Premier Food’s dessert brands this year,” the company said.

Hartley’s Frujies are aimed at children and are available as mandarins in orange jelly and peaches in strawberry jelly at GBP1.99 (US$2.90)

Hartley’s Fruit in Jelly is targeted at adults and comes as raspberries in raspberry jelly and pineapple in pineapple jelly at GBP0.69.